Guard Your Property Against Fires


The San Angelo area is prone to wildfires. To protect their properties from the threat of raging wildfires, many landowners will start prescribed fires. These fires are effective, but they should only be ignited under the supervision of a professional.

That’s where we come in. Compact Conservation & Construction LLC is home to some of the most experienced eco-friendly fireguards in the area. You can depend on us prepare the property, helping you burn out the threat of wildfires without damaging your property.

To schedule your fireguard, call Compact Conservation & Construction now at 325-277-9494.

To schedule your controlled burn, please contact our partner Conservation Fire Team

How do prescribed fires help?

How do prescribed fires help?

If you’re concerned about wildfires, reach out to Compact Conservation & Construction today. We’re home to some of the top eco-friendly fireguards in the area. Wildfires can create catastrophic amounts of damage in dry areas like San Angelo. Controlled burns can help keep your property safe. Additionally, a controlled burn can:

  • Reduce the amount of brush and shrubs on your property quickly and safely
  • Enhance native plant growth
  • Maintain natural habitats for local plants and animals

There are many benefits of carefully planned controlled burns. Contact Compact Conservation & Construction today to discuss your property with a local eco-friendly fireguard.